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Hiiii How are you ?? This is Raghav...
Womens Law
is any one up this early?
anyone at csun?
I hear that bart simpson is our honary mayor
ATTENTION NORTHRIDGE PEEPS! If you are in and about Northridge PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT AND VOTE THIS Saturday, September 8, 2012,10:00am until 2:00pm ~ FOR my friend, LISA ZAHLER! She is running for the Northridge Neighborhood Council and the election t
I don't think anybody has been here in a while.
Womens Fashion Boutique Big news! I've started an online jewelry boutique called Womens Fashion Boutique. Each week you'll see my hand selected collection of fabulous, hard to find, styles at up to 60%off.https://womensfashionboutique.kitsylane.com
anyone at csun
animals are free, their food and shelter come from the earth. They have no obligations at all. This world we live in is an absolute lie. Put together by people who want wealth, and have learned to control the masses with emotional triggers.
thats all for now
or not
its all there just to fool you
wake up
the "world" we live in is total bullshit
and most of us are just swimming in it with a smile on our faces
this is not how man was supposed to live, we must realize this, and we must do something to change it
most of you may laugh at this, you've got your life all straightened out
you have a car, a job, a degree, maybe even a family
the only real thing you can have in this world is love for one another, which is the rarest thing you can find now
maybe if we had more of it, things would change.
Im right by csun any girls up for whatever?
empty apartment 25/m
21F hot girl here. my skype is melissa.john53
play and win! : www.6cdice.com
Hi. I need some feedback for my electronic music on Youtube. Best regards. Jan van Creek.
Hello any married women want to chat

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